Sunday, April 8, 2007

Mount Washington: 2312-2316 Beechmont Ave

Cole Realty Associates can now proceed with a multi-tenant retail center on the northeast corner of Beechmont Ave and Roxbury St.

On February 14, City Council voted unanimously to approve the extension of the Mount Washington Urban Design Boundary and to rezone, from Residential Multi-Family (RM-1.2) to Commercial Commmunity-Pedestrian (CC-P) the vacant residential properties at 2312-2316 Beechmont Ave.

This change fits with the recently drafted Comprehensive Plan for the neighborhood, which addressed the lack of modern commercial space in the business district and cited such for the business district's inability to attract new retailers.

Because it is in an Urban Design District, any commercial redevelopment of this property would be subject to public hearing in front of a hearing examiner from the Office of Administrative Hearings.

No specific plans for the site are available at this time. All that is known is that it will be as walkable as other parts of the business district.

Urban Ohio: LAST UPDATE (1/29/07)
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