Monday, November 19, 2007

320-322 Broadway demolition

The back building at 320-322 Broadway is being demolished, but the structure fronting on Broadway will remain.

The one-story rear addition was listed by the Hamilton County Auditor's website as being 3,960 square feet.

The demolition will make way for planned head-in surface parking with access off of Iola Alley.

With Iola Alley being extremely narrow, I have no idea how this will work.

320-322 Broadway is currently undergoing a rehabilitation, though I have no idea who the tenant will be.

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Anonymous said...

The demolition of the 1950's era auditorium was done to restore the building to its original configuration. A porch was added and the space will become an urban garden.

Kevin LeMaster said...

Good to hear...I had heard parking and I had no idea how that could work.

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