Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Madison Circle streets to have ridiculous names

The private streets being built as part of the Madison Circle development will have some ridiculous names.

According to the subdivision improvement plan submitted to the Cincinnati City Planning Commission by M•E Companies, on behalf of Circle Development, the private streets will be named Canine Drive, Sport Dog Drive, Herringbone Drive and Inspiration Way.

The one public street will be named Babson Drive.

In addition to the new streets, the subdivision improvement plan will create five parcels:

* 6.76 acres for the Indian Spring Health Care Center
* 6.49 acres for the Red Dog Pet Resort, which has already opened
* 3.53 acres for the Barrington of Oakley assisted-living apartments
* 0.89 acres for the American Heart Association
* 16.62 acres for future restaurant and retail development

Each of the new streets will be lined with trees, and Babson Place will have sidewalks installed on both sides.

Street construction is being financed by $5.68 million in TIF funding.

The development site, at (BIRD'S EYE) in Madisonville, was formerly the location of the Oakley Drive-In and the Southwestern Publishing Company.

The City Planning Commission approved the final development plan for Madison Circle in April 2007.

At buildout in late 2009 or early 2010, the development will contain nearly 500,000 square feet of built space, 1,000 surface parking spaces, and 500 daily employees.

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