Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cincinnati to vote on CiTiRAMA road improvements

On August 6, Cincinnati City Council will vote on an emergency ordinance to provide $1 million in capital improvement funds for road improvements to in anticipation of CiTiRAMA 2009.

The 37-home second phase of Rockford Woods in Northside would require the widening of the narrow road in anticipation of increased construction and residential traffic.

The City's Department of Transportation and Engineering currently is looking into the redesign and improvement of the segment of Rockford Place between Hamilton Avenue and the Rockford Woods development.

As the only access road into Rockford Woods, Rockford Place presents hillside and drainage problems that many of the street's residents fear will not be addressed properly, while others fear the loss of all or part of their front yards.

Neither a subdivision improvement plan nor a dedication plat for the second phase of Rockford Woods has been approved, pending soil boring tests and subsequent design work.

The subdivision's 16-home first phase was featured in CiTiRAMA 2001.

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