Monday, July 28, 2008

First annual Cincinnati Bloggers Convention a success

The first annual Cincinnati Bloggers Convention was held last Thursday at the Mercantile Library Downtown.

Nearly 40 local bloggers pre-registered for the event, and at least that many showed up.

With no pre-set agenda, the convention was largely a social event with beer, wine, and an array of snacks for noshing.

It was a great to finally put some faces with some names, but, unfortunately, there wasn't enough time for me to meet everyone!

Special thanks go to the Mercantile's executive director Albert Pyle and to Chris Messick for putting together such a great event.

Not only does the library have a great collection, but it's a fantastic atmosphere for these kinds of get-togethers!

I don't know if I learned anything, but it certainly was fun....

Please click on each image to enlarge to 640 x 480. Photos will open in a new browser window.

(At the convention, Morris Tsai suggested that I find a better way of displaying photos. I couldn't agree more. He uses PictoBrowser, but that only works for Flickr photos. If anyone knows of a good slideshow-type program that won't put Hello Kitty, Barbie, or glitter on my photos, please shoot me an e-mail!)


QITC said...

I think you're the only person who got a picture of me.. or at least that posted one.

*MUAH* to one of the "daddy" blogs. :-)

ThatDeborahGirl said...

I've been blogging in this town for 3 years and never heard about it. Ah well.

Kevin LeMaster said...

^ TDG, it seems like there were many people who didn't hear about it. I would suggest that you contact Chris Messick at the Mercantile to make sure you're included in any events in the future. He has expressed interest in having people who weren't included added to his list: