Tuesday, September 2, 2008

City considers $187,000 for Meiner Flats stabilization

Cincinnati City Council is considering an emergency ordinance that would establish a new $187,000 capital improvement account for the stabilization of the Meiner Flats building at in Over-the-Rhine.

The City would then enter into an agreement with 3CDC (OTR Holdings, LLC) to bring the structure up to Vacant Building Maintenance License standards as part 3CDC's neighborhood redevelopment plan.

The funding would be transferred from the OTR Arts District Home Buyers Loan account and from several hazard abatement and demolition accounts.

3CDC has agreed to contribute an additional $200,000 toward the work.

Built in 1875 by the Meiner family to advertise their skills as stonemasons, the building has sat vacant for over 20 years.

A roof collapse, combined with bricks and pieces of cornice falling to the sidewalk below, forced the City to order an emergency demolition in March.

Formerly owned by Big Dog Holdings, it was acquired in May by Christopher Tucker by quit claim deed for $1,000, according to auditor records.

Although the demolition permits have been pulled, the building remains condemned and a safety hazard to Vine Street's pedestrians.

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