Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cincinnati council supports comprehensive cleanup of Hilton Davis site

Cincinnati City Council has passed unanimously a resolution supporting the full, comprehensive cleanup of the Hilton Davis site at , which would allow for "the most unrestricted future use of the property possible".

Pleasant Ridge residents and citizens' groups have been fighting to have the contaminated 72-acre property cleaned up to terms set in a 1986 consent decree between former owners Kodak Co., the Ohio EPA, and the Pleasant Ridge Community Council (PRCC).

Although toxic waste lagoons and contaminated soil from the manufacturing of dyes and chemicals have been remediated, concerns remain over the Bloody Run Creek ravine that runs through the site, where chemical wastes were dumped for a period of more than 50 years.

Kodak's plan for dealing with the waste is to permanently cap the ravine.

The Ohio EPA approved of Kodak's plan on July 21, 2008, a move that the City says will not actually clean up the ravine, but will "create a permanent tomb for toxic waste".

A copy of the City resolution will be sent to Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, Ohio EPA director Christopher Korleski, Ohio EPA Southwest District director Thomas Winston, and Harold O'Connell, Southwest District office supervisor of the Division of Hazardous Waste Management.

PRCC has been urging concerned residents to write to the governor and to the Ohio EPA since last month.

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Randy Simes said...

I'm with the City on this one...we really don't want a permanent tomb of toxic waste in any of our communities. Clean it up right.

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