Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Agenda 360 announces council to implement regional action plan

Agenda 360, a strategic regional action plan, has appointed a new team of leaders to help implement the plan it released in February that calls for the addition of 150,000 young professionals to the region's workforce, the addition of 200,000 net new jobs, and the elevation of all households to an income at a minimum of 250 percent above the federal poverty level by the year 2020.

Council 360, created out of a diverse group of civic, business and educational professionals, will be charged with setting annual goals for Agenda 360's priorities and strategies, tracking and communicating progress, engaging in community-wide participation, and maintaining the plan's direction and momentum.

Council leaders will serve on committees focusing on the six Agenda 360 priority areas.

These leaders include:

Each of these leaders soon will begin recruiting others to join their teams.

"The selection process involved looking at those leaders region wide that represent key stakeholder groups who need to be involved in the further implementation of the work and/or subject matter experts that can effectively deliver alignment and momentum for the strategies across the region," says Myrita Craig, executive director of Agenda 360.

Kevin Ghassomian, attorney with Greenbaum Doll & McDonald PLLC, and Mary Stagaman, associate vice president at the University of Cincinnati, will serve as co-chairs of the council.

Yet to be announced are a Board of Overseers that will provide executive leadership to Council 360 and a Citizens Advisory Committee that will give support and feedback through community engagement and the spread of civic pride.

A Council 360 orientation session will be held August 19, followed by the definition of performance metrics in each priority area.

"Since it is a 12-year plan, we wanted to be very thoughtful about putting together a framework that would be inclusive, effective and sustainable," Craig says.

Since launching, Agenda 360 has presented to over 40 community organizations, kicked off its Transformational Dialogue series, and funded conversations and dialogue to determine how best to launch the plan, Craig says.

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Anonymous said...

I'm wondering where there aren't any comments on this plan. I think this sounds like a lot of hot air!

Kevin LeMaster said...

As always, results remain to be seen....

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