Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ODOT funding could offset losses of Cincinnati service facilities

An ordinance under consideration by Cincinnati city council could help the City move or replace facilities that could be in the way of the expansion of I-75.

The ordinance would allow the City to accept $600,000 from the --> --> --> to offset the possible loss of the current Valley View salt dome loading area and the bulk construction material storage bins as part of the $664 million --> --> -->I-75 Mill Creek Expressway --> --> --> project.

The City is still in the early planning phases of how the reconstruction and widening of I-75 will affect the , Traffic and Road Operations Division superintendent Diane Watkins says.

A $6.5 million reconstruction of the Monmouth Street overpass is scheduled to begin next year, and the $193.7 million construction phase from the Monmouth Avenue overpass to Mitchell Avenue is scheduled to begin in March 2015.

Council also is considering an ordinance allowing the City to apply for funding grants and loans from Hamilton County's Municipal Road Fund and from the Ohio Public Works Commission's (OPWC) State Capital Improvement Program, Local Transportation Improvement Program, and Revolving Loan Program for a road construction project in which the City shares jurisdiction with Anderson Township and one in which the City shares jurisdiction with the City of St. Bernard.

Applications for county and OPWC funding will be submitted in August and September, respectively, and any award acceptance and appropriation will need to be approved by council.

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