Monday, April 12, 2010

Downtown walking, spring colors abound

On a March 17 stroll through Downtown, things still felt a bit dull and drab. By the end of the month, I had to find some places that had some bright colors.

The Downtown photos were taken during a stroll from Fountain Square to Arnold's for St. Patrick's Day. I then made my way back to the Square.

A couple in the middle, the GreenSource Cincinnati shot and the photo of Covington City Hall, were taken for Building Cincinnati stories.

The Cincinnati Union Terminal shots were taken following a long night of insomnia, and the Neon's Unplugged ones were taken two days before its grand opening.

These 22 photos have been added to the following galleries:

  • Downtown +15 (289 photos)
  • Cincinnati Union Terminal +4 (137 photos)
  • Over-the-Rhine +2 (361 photos)
  • Covington Downtown +1 (34 photos)
These galleries, and those of dozens of Greater Cincinnati communities, can be found in the drop-down menu in the right-hand column. Click on each photo to enlarge it to 800 x 600.

1. Main Street, between Sixth and Seventh streets, Downtown.

2. Main Street, between Sixth and Seventh streets, Downtown.

3. Main and E Eighth streets, Downtown.

4. Looking eastward down E Eighth Street toward Mount Adams, Downtown.

5. Hamilton County Administration Building, E Court Street, Downtown.

6. Sycamore Place at St. Xavier Park, St. Xavier Church, and part of the Procter & Gamble complex, Downtown.

7. Bay window, E Eighth Street, Downtown.

8. 7th and Broadway Garage expansion, Downtown.

9. Mount Adams in the evening, from E Eighth Street, Downtown.

10. Main Street, between Sixth and Seventh streets, Downtown.

11. Sixth Street, Downtown.

12. Walnut Street, between Sixth and Seventh streets, Downtown

13. Gano Street in the Backstage District, Downtown.

14. Fifth and Walnut streets, Downtown.

15. GreenSource Cincinnati on E Eighth Street, between Vine and Walnut streets, Downtown.

16. Covington City Hall, Madison Avenue, Covington Downtown.

17. Cincinnati Union Terminal, Queensgate.

18. Cincinnati Union Terminal, Queensgate.

19. Cincinnati Union Terminal, Queensgate.

20. Rookwood Ice Cream Parlor, Cincinnati Union Terminal, Queensgate.

21. Courtyard at Neon's Unplugged, E 12th Street, Over-the-Rhine.

22. Flowers in Neon's Unplugged courtyard, E 12th Street, Over-the-Rhine.


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