Monday, May 24, 2010

New parking facilities required to provide bicycle parking

New and expanded parking garages in the City of Cincinnati providing 60 or more additional motor vehicle spaces must include spaces for bicycle parking, an ordinance passed by City Council on May 12 says.

Specifically, the changes require one 2-foot by 6-foot bicycle space per 20 motor vehicle spaces provided – with a maximum requirement of 24 spaces – to be installed on the first available floor at, above or below grade of the garage entrance. A mechanism for securing the bicycle will also be required.

The ordinance modifies portions of chapters 1401 and 1425 of the City's zoning code to ensure that secure, weather-protected parking becomes more prevalent. A companion text amendment to Chapter 413 of the Cincinnati Municipal Code, Parking Garages and Parking Lots, was approved by City Council on March 17.

A study conducted by the Department of Transportation and Engineering as part of the ongoing bicycle master plan process found that Cincinnati bicycle riders gave the quality and quantity of bicycle parking a "C" grade. Over 64 percent of respondents indicated that more bicycle parking options would make them likely or very likely to ride more.

The zoning changes are part of an ongoing effort by the City to make Cincinnati more bicycle-friendly. Future improvements are expected to include upgraded trails and bike routes, wayfinding signage, sharrows, bike parking and racks, and programs on bicycle safety and awareness.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that the parking garage will have a way to charge for the use of the spaces.

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