Thursday, June 10, 2010

Metro wins $1.9M for hybrid buses

The --> --> --> (ODOT) has announced that Metro will receive $1.9 million to purchase three 40-foot hybrid diesel-electric buses, which should be in operation next year.

The award is part of ODOT's Clean and Green Transit Program, a $15 million investment in 41 environmentally-friendly buses for 11 local and regional transit agencies with the goal of increasing the use of alternative fuels and lowering the operational costs of public transportation.

The buses will join a fleet of six hybrid buses the service added on Earth Day 2009. Seven additional hybrid buses, funded with federal stimulus dollars, will go into service later this year.

Metro estimates that its hybrids have provided approximately 330,000 green rides and traveled almost 210,000 miles, saving nearly 7,000 gallons of diesel fuel and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 190 tons.

"We praise ODOT's progressive leadership in funding clean technology to Ohio," said Metro CEO Marilyn Shazor in a media release. "Metro has been a national leader in alternative fuels like biodiesel and our experience with hybrid buses has been positive in terms of both environmental benefits and customer satisfaction."

In addition to Metro's award, new buses will be received by transit agencies in Akron, Columbus, Clermont County, Dayton, Miami County, Portage County, Springfield, Stark County, Toledo, and Washington County.

ODOT received nearly $33 million in applications for the program.

"Never before has ODOT made this type of direct investment in our state's transit agencies to bolster our commitment to promoting travel choice and cleaning the air we breathe," said ODOT Director Jolene Molitoris. "In our larger cities, many of our transit partners are already making these environmentally-friendlier investments. ODOT's efforts will further leverage these investments – both in our urban and rural regions – to create a safer, greener, more multi-modal transportation system."

Photo courtesy of Metro.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Greener technology that builds upon the terrific road system we already have.

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