Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Women's Committee announces new initiative for riverfront park

A new fundraising effort for the $120 million Cincinnati Riverfront Park was announced last Wednesday during the fourth annual Women's Committee of Cincinnati Riverfront Park "Hats Off" luncheon at Ault Park.

The Twigs Project encourages individuals, groups, and organizations that have an interest in contributing to the 45-acre park to establish special, grassroots projects, with proceeds channeled into the park's construction.

Women's Committee co-chairs Helen Heekin and Debbie Oliver, along with luncheon co-chairs Cathy Caldemeyer and Dianne Rosenberg, made the announcement before more than 500 guests.

"We have over 45 acres of previously wasted space that are being transformed right before our eyes into an outstanding new destination park for this region," Heekin said in a media release. "Now, with the construction of the park moving along so quickly, people are seeing even more clearly what a precious commodity this really is — while knowing that most cities do not have this kind of opportunity. So they want to play bigger roles in ensuring that this park achieves its full potential."

Formed four years ago to help provide financial and public support for the park, the Women's Committee has surpassed its membership goals five-fold and has raised nearly $1 million in private funding.

The Cincinnati Parks Foundation is seeking to raise $40 million in private donations.

Heekin said that private donations are an essential part of the project's funding mix.

One of the first Twigs projects is a cookbook written and produced by the Cincinnati Town and Country Garden Club. Entitled Get Fresh: Simple, Savory and Successful Recipes, the book is on sale at retailers throughout the City. All of the proceeds will go to Cincinnati Riverfront Park.

"The full potential of the park can only be accomplished through meaningful citizen involvement," she said. "While the park is being built with a blend of federal, state and local dollars, private donations are imperative if the park is to be constructed with all of the dynamic features that will transform the former wasted space into a park worthy of becoming a true destination park."

Scheduled to open in April 2011, the park's first phase will include the Jacob G. Schmidlapp Stage and Event Lawn, the Moerlein Lager House, a bicycle and mobility center, water features, a tree grove and gardens, a grand staircase, a labyrinth, and a monument to the Black Brigade of Cincinnati.

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