Monday, April 4, 2011

Incline District closer to formal recognition

The Incline District, which encompasses parts of the Cincinnati neighborhoods of East Price Hill, Lower Price Hill, and Sedamsville, should soon be recognized as a sub-neighborhood on all City maps and planning documents.

The City Planning Commission recommended the measure at its Friday meeting. City Council still must approve of the change.

Community leaders, developers, and residents sought the change to better promote and market a more focused area, a one mile by three-quarter mile area of 2,500 residents roughly bounded by Elberon, Warsaw, and State avenues.

Current and completed projects in the area include the Elberon Senior Apartments, Incline Village, the Incline Business District Master Plan focused along Price Avenue, a new Kroger store and streetscape, and multiple homeownership rehabs by Price Hill Will.

In 2008, Cincinnati City Council adopted a motion directing the change.

If approved, the Incline District would be the first sub-neighborhood sought and approved for any of the City's 52 neighborhoods.

A gateway sign is planned for the , to be funded by Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, Price Hill Will, City NSP funds, and private contributions.

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Dan said...

If they are going to call it the Incline District, they should be required to rebuild their incline. :)

Kevin LeMaster said...

Man, if there was a will behind that and some Earthly way to pay for it, I'd totally be on board. Look at Pittsburgh's inclines! One of those going up to Price Hill could help eliminate that tangle of ramps and make getting up there much more pleasurable.

Then people could eat and drink at those places Cranley and crew are putting up by Queens Tower. Maybe Lower Price Hill could put something at the bottom of 8th.

Put it at this bend:

Sorry...wishful thinking.

John said...

Wishful thinking indeed! I think many people would love to see that happen.

It fits into the plan at Incline Square. At the top of the incline there used to be a Beer Garden. Passengers could gather before the second leg of their trip home from work.

Kent Evans said...

I am not a streetcar backer. I was waiting for the personal epiphany to explain where/how the proponents' efforts and enthusiasm could be used so as to not squander their goodwill...

The Incline Trolly it is!!! I'm in if they'll have me!

Margaret A. McGurk said...

FYI, the amendment that COAST wants to put on the November ballot would make it illegal for the city to even look at bringing back inclines for 10 years -- along with any other form of transportation that runs on rails in public rights of way.

Also: Kevin, is there a link to a larger version of the Incline District map? Thanks!

Kevin LeMaster said...


Margaret, you can click on the image to enlarge it. Unfortunately, I don't have access to a better map.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be off subject, but glad to see you updating the news Kevin.
Again while our backs were turned looking at OTR the city removed, as in dug it out and filled the hole with dirt, the swimming pool in Innwood Park on Vine Street. When it was open it was always full of kids.
Why did they do that?

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