Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apartment re-use for Camp Washington?

Cincinnati City Council is prepared to vote on a resolution that could help turn a Camp Washington industrial property into market-rate apartments.

E&T Real Estate Holdings owns the Harrison Terminal Building, a 60,000-square-foot building on 2.4 acres at , just south of the Western Hills Viaduct.

The building owners have proposed a rehabilitation that would pair apartments with a ground floor commercial or office use, and are working with the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority to acquire Clean Ohio Assistance Fund dollars for a Phase II environmental site assessment of the property.

This study would provide information that could be used to prepare cost estimates and a site remediation plan.

The resolution is likely to be considered by council's Finance Committee on August 5.

The Ohio Department of Development requires a municipal resolution of support for a project to qualify for Clean Ohio funding.

E&T Real Estate Holdings purchased the 1885 warehouse building a year ago for $75,000.

Harrison Terminal sold the building in 1990.


UncleRando said...

That would be fantastic. As nobody has been looking (except Building Cincinnati of course) Camp Washington has been making some positive strides. That's if you don't count that atrocity of a retail node that went in right at Hopple/I-75.

jfd said...

I have to wonder about the wisdom of locating a residential development next door to the rail yards. The noise level is what I would term very high, and it seems to emanate 24/7. I think, living there would be akin to living next to an airport, under a runway approach. I hope they are able to work around the noise issue with some remediation.

Kevin LeMaster said...

I believe the trains are called the "whales", because of their wailing sound when they brake.

I once had a friend who lived up on Grove in South Fairmount, and the sound there was brutal. I could only imagine what it would be like amplified by the walls of the valley.

There are people who live in places with windows that are 1/8 inch from Columbia Parkway, so I guess soundproofing could be done. But will the developers want to invest that kind of money?

jfd said...

It's not like they didn't get the building cheap enough, to spend some on sound proofing.