Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wrecking Cincinnati, 7/30/08

DOB: 1875
Died: June 2008
Cause of death: Originally condemned in 2002, it was heavily damaged by a fire on 2004. Right before a criminal complaint was filed for the original orders on owner Steven Pavelish, the house burned down, the old case was closed, and a new case was created. Since the fire, the house has had roof failure, has had siding removed, had a chimney collapse and has been open to insects, vermin, and the public. Pavelish did some repairs on the property, including some roofing, flooring and siding, but not enough to bring the building up to VBML code. In February 2008, Pavelish sold the property to Collins Riverside Development, developer of the proposed (and controversial) Harbor Lights condomimium project, as part of a four-parcel sale for $70,000. The county's total assessed value for the four properties was $16,870. Cha-CHING....