Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First street poured at The Banks

On Friday morning, construction crews poured part of the first street to be constructed since ground was broken for The Banks in April.

The 1,200 yards of poured concrete serve as the structural deck for Freedom Way, the project's main commercial street.

Freedom Way will sit upon The Banks parking garage and span the length of the riverfront development from Paul Brown Stadium to Great American Ball Park.

"Without Hamilton County's investment in the garage, the City wouldn't be able to build the street,” said John Deatrick, The Banks project executive for the City and the county. "And without the garage and street, we wouldn't have been able to bring in Carter and Dawson to make this public investment an opportunity for economic development.

Several more pours will be required to complete the roadway.

The new street will be finished this summer, but will not be open to the public until construction of Phase 1A, consisting of up to 300 apartments and 70,000 square feet of retail, is complete.

"We're on budget, we're on schedule, and we're thankful that all parties are able to work together to ensure the success of The Banks," Deatrick said.

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Travis Estell said...

People who don't like the name Freedom Way would be a lot happier if this article was titled "First Street poured at The Banks."

Kevin LeMaster said...

I like it....

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