Thursday, August 19, 2010

New video released for riverfront park

A new "Hard Hat Tour" video detailing the progress at Cincinnati Riverfront Park has been posted online.

In the new video, Project Manager Dave Prather provides updates viewers on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' recent contracts for the Walnut Street Fountain and Stairs and the Jacob G. Schmidlapp Stage and Event Lawn construction; the drilling of a 300-foot-deep geothermal well that will provide air conditioning for the Bike, Mobility and Visitors Center; progress on the Head House connecting the parking garage and park; and the project's incorporation of natural materials.

Prather also discusses the ongoing relocation of Mehring Way.

Scheduled to open in spring 2011, the first phase of the 45-acre, $120 million Cincinnati Riverfront Park also will include the 1,100-seat Moerlein Lager House restaurant and beer garden, a labyrinth, a bike trail, donor wall and promenade, a monument to the Black Brigade of Cincinnati, tree groves, and gardens.

Construction contracts for the stairs and fountain were awarded to Monarch Construction Company in June, and contracts for the event lawn and stage were awarded to Megen Construction Company last month. Schumacher Dugan Construction will build the Moerlein Lager House.

Images provided.

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Beanyhead said...

I was near there earlier today. They seem to making a lot of progress.

New Urban Designer said...

I really like that they are doing this. I have lived in Cincinnati for a long time and think that its kinda weird that I find myself traveling over to Newport/covington to hang out on the weekends. Hopefully this will bring more people to the downtown area.

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